My name is Ashley Powell and I am the founder of Ashley Marie Strength.

Ashley Marie Strength was developed as a result of my passion for health & fitness. My primary goal is to educate those who are eager to learn the true strength of which their body is capable, while being their strong-harbor full of encouragement and positive energy.

My background:

-My interest in health & fitness unraveled in high school in my 3-year technical career area, Healthcare and Rehabilitation.

-My focus shifted specifically to strength and conditioning when I took an internship while in my senior year of high school with Delaware State University under the head Strength and Conditioning coach.

-I am a University of Delaware alumna. I graduated with a major in Health & Behavior Science and minors in Strength & Conditioning and Coaching Science.

-I obtained an intern position with the Strength & Conditioning Department with University of Delaware helping to coach various sports teams.

-I was previously on the University of Delaware Powerlifting Team. My training is now geared more towards physique & I’m loving the change!

York Barbell PL Competition

Powerlifting Competition at York Barbell in York, PA

-Completed the ACE Personal Training course.

-I have spent several years working at a gym, while personal training at another.

-If I could spend all of my days someplace tropical across the sea, I would. I am an ice cream addict (rocky road, of course). I’ve been saying this for years, but one day I will own a teacup pig.


While I tend to spotlight strength training, I also cover fat loss and improved body composition. Aside from the physical aspect of training, I am also a solid mental health advocate.

Sure, you’ve heard it before… eating correctly coupled with exercising will lead to a better, happier and more healthful you. As you may know, the named tasks that seem so elementary can be rather difficult behaviors to adopt on your own.

The wondtacular news is you don’t have to do it alone! With my help you will learn that health and fitness are neither a fad, nor a stop-and-go process of some sort, but instead a lifestyle.

I intend to teach my clients exactly what steps to take to reach their attainable goals as well as to reap the benefits of their dedication. I enforce safety through proper form and technique. Not only will you gain strength as my client, but you will also gain a new understanding and appreciation for the human body.

Strength & Love Always,


“Realize that enough hidden strength lies within you to overcome all obstacles and temptations. Bring forth that indomitable power and energy.”

–Paramahansa Yogananda

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